Hi, I'm Claire

Are you finding the challenges of corporate life and managing people hard?

Feeling lost and overwhelmed in your career?

Negative inner chatter in over-drive?

Let me help.

My Story

Hi, I’m Claire Norburn and I’m passionate about helping people get the best out of themselves at work.

When I’m not coaching my fabulous clients, I’m busy being a mum to my two amazing but ever-challenging kids! In the rare quiet moments, you’ll find me people-watching. I’m fascinated by people! Whether it’s the psychology or body language, I geek out on understanding why humans do the weird and wonderful things that we do!

That’s probably why I spent the first 20 years of my career in HR. Working in a variety of senior HR roles within Financial Services, I was knee-deep in the challenges of corporate life and what that means for us individually, our teams, and ultimately business performance. It also equipped me with a unique insight into the perceived dark art of managing people!

The hard reality is that corporate life is tough and all too often we get in our own way. Whether it’s the negative inner chatter, self-limiting beliefs, or behavioural blind spots, we often frustrate our potential, or as leaders unconsciously block that of others.

I stepped out of corporate life and moved into coaching to help people overcome these challenges. I create a safe space for busy leaders and professionals to unload the noise in their head, make sense of it, challenge it, and navigate the best way forward for success at work – for themselves, their teams, and the businesses they work in.

Happy Clients…

I started working with Claire at a point in my career where I had just taken on a really challenging role. From my very first session Claire made me feel at ease, she listened, responded and helped guide me. She helped me face directly into an array of professional challenges and personal fears and through monthly coaching helped me realise my goals and how I could fulfil my potential. I can’t list everything I’ve gained through Claire’s support but I can confirm that working with her has truly changed my way of thinking and given me priceless tools to help me through my career.


Account Director, Financial Services

My Approach

Coaching with me will challenge how you think, change your perspective and move you forward.

In lives that run at a hundred miles an hour, often around other people, there’s rarely space to think. The power of coaching comes from creating this safe space to pause, share and explore the noise and inner mind chatter to get a different, more insightful perspective. Whether it’s hearing yourself say things out loud, having your statements reflected back at you, or a killer question, coaching disrupts those unhelpful thinking patterns which are holding you back.

I’m a people person at heart, and clients describe my style as empathetic, thoughtful, and supportive. I seek to combine this with a healthy measure of straight talking and challenging questions, all with a focus on solutions, stepping you forward to where you want to be at work and in your career.

If needed, I’m also able to bring my professional HR knowledge and experience to mentor you and trigger fresh ways of thinking.

My Values & Beliefs

Simplicity & straight talking matters

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could all say what we mean and mean what we say, especially at work! Clear communication underpins everything. It doesn’t have to be rude or brutal, but, it does have to be clear, empathetic, and honest if you want to build trust and respect.

We're all human and perfectly imperfect

Whatever job we do, whether it’s our first role on the ladder or CEO, we’re all human. Unique, weird, and wonderful, there is no normal, only our own version of normal. However confident everyone else may look, everyone carries baggage and fights their own insecurities, some are just better at managing it than others.

Curiosity is the way forward

Questions – the lifeblood of a coach. But curiosity is more than that. It’s a desire to understand what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s how we learn, step forward and find new opportunities. So often when we’re stuck in life it’s because we’re not asking the right questions. Change your perspective, change your life.

Happy Clients…

Sessions with Claire have been both enjoyable and at times stretching.  She is really good at putting you at ease and quickly builds a strong rapport.  She’s very personable and I found her easy to talk to, but she also has a very good iron fist in a velvet glove approach, pushing you to think about issues that may be more challenging and to push yourself to address those issues.  Claire was good at teasing out issues from amongst a lot of information. I feel more confident that I have made decisions and am able to make decisions about my future that I am comfortable with and that I was struggling with previously.


Senior Associate, Law Firm